What Inspires Us

Our aim is to ensure that each child is happy and healthy within an environment that encourages them to discover and learn more each day. We focus on the complete wellbeing of our children and incorporate various learning philosophies to address their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. Listed below are a few of the learning philosophies that we incorporate into our own early childcare and education approach.


This school philosophy was founded by the Italian educator Maria Montessori in 1907. The guiding principle of this approach is the belief that children are individual and independent learners, and teachers serve as guides to help in the learning process. Montessori-based activities are very hands-on and use specific play materials to help guide a child’s playtime. Furthermore, this approach promotes responsibility and independence in children. Teachers are encouraged to allow children to identify and address their own personal needs, such as picking up toys after an activity and eating independently. When following a Montessori approach child ranging from various ages will often participate in activities together allowing children to learn from their peers.


During the 1940s, the Reggio-Emilia schools were founded in Italy and a new approach to preschool learning was created. Similar to Montessori schools, the Reggio-Emilia schools also view children as independent learners. Teachers following this approach will create a curriculum that tailors to the individual strengths and interests of their students. Students may express interest in a specific area of learning, and teachers will create a project or lesson plan that will allow their students to further discover and learn more about the topic. Because children as viewed equal learners, mistakes are seen as moments of learning. The Reggio-Emilia approach values creativity and a student’s progress are often documented using a child’s own words and photos. As independent learners, students are allowed to track their progression alongside their teachers and parents.

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